Our History

Following a successful community share issue which closed at the beginning of 2021, we raised £45,000 from over 350 investors.  This amount was matched £ for £ by the Community Shares Booster Programme and we also secured funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation to cover the bookshop manager’s salary for the first three years.  The funds raised were then used to set up and run our shop which is located at 11 Bridge Street, St Helens WA10 1NN and which opened its doors for business on Friday 26 November 2021

In February 2022, Brian Leyland sadly passed away. Brian was the inspiration and driving force behind the St Helens Book Stop and served as Chairman of the Trustees. His love of St Helens – the town, the community, and of course its rugby team – played a major part in his life. After publishing his own book, St Helens: the Great and the Good, he took on the challenge of creating a community bookshop in the town centre to deliver a whole range of further benefits to the community, primarily by helping to promote reading for pleasure and the appreciation of books and literature to all age groups but with a particular emphasis on introducing children to the joy of books.

The Trustees and staff continue to honour Brian’s memory by working to achieve his goal of creating a “go to” destination in St Helens for everyone with an interest in books (and indeed some who have not).