Our original share offer, which ran from 21 November 2020 to 6 January 2021 resulted in the issue of 45,000 £1 ordinary shares in The St Helens Book Stop Limited (“The Society”) to members of the public.  A copy of the original share offer document is available below.  The amount subscribed was matched by the Community Shares Booster Programme ( who as a consequence hold 5000 £9 ordinary shares in the Society. We have now decided to reopen membership by making further shares available to subscribers with a minimum investment of £50 for 50 £1 ordinary shares in the Society (up to a maximum of 5000 shares).  Both individuals (over the age of 16) and organisations are able to subscribe, provided they support the objects of the Society as set out in our governing document.  You will find a copy of this document and also a copy the share application form by clicking on the tabs below.

Applicants should note that there are currently no plans to arrange a programme of withdrawal of the shares (i.e. repayment of the share capital) until Year 6 at the earliest although we do expect to be able to fund any withdrawals made at the option of the shareholder in earlier years through a combination of the issue of new shares and cashflow available from the Society’s profits. However withdrawals during this period will be at the sole discretion of the board and if requests for share withdrawal exceed the amount which the society is able to pay, the requests may not be granted. Any applications for withdrawal of shares must be made to the board with 3 months notice.

Please note also that whilst we will be aiming to pay interest on the shares, this will be in the form of book tokens which can only be redeemed in the bookshop itself within 12 months of date of issue. From year 4 (2024) onwards we hope to introduce a cash option albeit this is likely to be at a lower rate than would be paid in book tokens.

Whilst shareholders can therefore expect to receive some return in exchange for their investment, it is important that they understand that this is not an investment that should be made solely on the basis of the likelihood of a financial return. It should be viewed rather as an investment in the community of St Helens, helping the Society to make a social and cultural impact in the town – in essence a social rather than a financial investment.

justgivingIt is also possible to purchase shares as a gift for someone else, provided both parties are over the age of 16 and support the Objects of the Society.  If that is the case, please fill in the appropriate sections of the application form.

The completed share document should be returned either by sending a scanned copy to or by post to the registered office of the Society at 157 Higher Lane, Lymm WA13 0RF.

If you wish to support the Society but you do not wish to subscribe for a shareholding, you are able to make a donation by clicking on the Just Giving tab below.

If you have any queries, please email or contact us via Facebook or Twitter!

Additional funds raised will be utilised in making the upstairs area in the shop suitable for hosting events, group meetings etc.

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